Just Another Tip (Graphics) - Better Resolution for .ico files.

So I just received the icon graphic for my current project: Just Another Memory. (Special thanks to Topless for designing it). I converted it to .ico format so that I could upload the client image to my game’s steam profile. The problem was that Steam required the .ico image to be a 32x32 pixel image.

I used browser based .ico converter to turn my 32x32 png into an .ico file. The problem was that this resulted in a really blurry and low-res image when I pushed the changes to Steam. I tried making a higher res icon using a higher res image, but steam rejected it, citing that the .ico image had to be 32x32.

After some research online, I discovered that .ico files weren’t simply picture files like the usual .png or .jpg that I was used to. Turns out that .ico files can contain multiple images of different resolutions. So as long as I made an .ico file where at least one of the images was 32x32, I could make the other images as high res as I wanted to.

If you’re using an online converter to make your .ico files, you can upload multiple images of different resolutions into it.

This is the online .ico converter that I use: Icon Maker